Articles by Amanda Womac

Diversity of Outreach

Michael Camponovo and Nathan McKinney joined the staff of the Department of Geography in August 2016 for one reason: to build the geographic information system (GIS) program. ...Read More

Diversity of Disciplines

Mike McKinney is always up for a challenge. When the environmental studies program he developed became part of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences in 2011, he was ...Read More

Diversity of Species

Jessica Budke’s fascination with plants stems from a family vacation to the Missouri Botanical Gardens when she was in high school. Although she grew up going to the ...Read More

The New American Gothic

American Gothic captures a moment in agriculture—a snippet, a portrait of an entire profession as old as time. What it doesn’t depict are the years of innovation that led ...Read More

A Synthesis of Science and Art

Preeti Chandrachud, a fifth-year graduate student had her third paper published in the journal Organometallics in June 2016. The editorial board selected this article as a ...Read More

New Elements

Research can have various forms of impact. Some discoveries shape the very nature of our existence. Others can be extremely important to the scientific community but barely ...Read More
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